Bulletproof Curtain: Protecting students lives


Nina Zanghi

The most recent mass shooting, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, has caused a public outcry from students, parents, teachers, citizens alike about the safety of people in school. Many people are urging for gun control, while others are pushing for more consideration of the mentally ill, either way, change is necessary.

In the science world, people are trying to help in any way they can to prevent the loss of more innocent lives. Their contribution to the issue is innovation. Innovation is the form of bulletproof whiteboards, and bulletproof curtains. Ballistic Cordon Systems were the ones to design the bulletproof curtain. There hope is that if a gunman ever did come into a school, this curtain would be able to shield the students and give them a chance to live.

These live-saving curtains are made up of AR500 steel that is encased in nylon, that would be able to catch all shards of metal from any bullets. These curtains could be stored above on the ceiling, and would just be needed to be pulled down whenever there is an intruder. The curtain would also be able to lockdown, as to make sure that the shooter would not be able to move or go around the curtain.

This new innovation is not alone, there are also bulletproof clipboards and whiteboards that are also being created to help save lives. But it seems that instead of creating new things to protect students, the best thing would be to create new laws that would be able to protect students.