Lakewood High School German Trip

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Jason Morgenstern

For a small group of students here at Lakewood High, this years spring break will be a special time. Leaving on Friday March 30th, students will embark on a 10 day tour of Germany.

The tour starts in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Munich where the Oktoberfest is located, as the tradition stems from the wedding of a Bavarian king hundreds of years ago. While in Munich, the group will tour the city and see sites like the Hofbrau Haus, the Nyphenburg Palace, the BMW Museum. The group will also go on daylong excursions to Neuschwanstein Palace- considered to be one of the most beautiful palaces in the world-, and to Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg is famous for its amazing architecture, being the birthplace of Mozart, and for being the city where the Sound of Music was filmed among other things.

After the tour leaves Munich, the groups heads via train to Berlin, the capital of Germany. In Berlin the group will get to tour the city, as well as getting to see attractions like the Olympic Stadium, where the 1936 Olympics were held. The 1936 Olympics are famous for being the games where Ohio State athlete Jesse Owens competed and won four gold metals. Also in Berlin is the Brandenburg gate, one of the most recognizable attractions in Germany, and what remains of the Berlin Wall.

The trip looks to be a great time for all of the students involved. Personally as someone going on this trip, I cannot be more excited than I have been for the past month. I have been counting down the days, and am looking forward for the journey of a lifetime.