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    The Final Four


    This year’s March Madness has been crazy with upsets —  teams that not a lot of people know about winning against some big time teams and some of the best teams losing early. This year’s Final Four participants are the Kansas Jayhawks, the Villanova Wildcats, the Michigan Wolverines and the Chicago Loyola Ramblers.

    Now if you’ve been watching college basketball this year you wouldn’t think that the Ramblers from Chicago Loyola College would be in the Final Four. They’re the biggest shocker this year though they prove to everyone that they’re good.

    The Ramblers upset teams such as Miami(FL.), Tennessee, Nevada and Kansas St. Coming into March Madness I doubt anyone even knew about this team and they were very under estimated. The have proved their spot in the Final Four.

    The other teams such as Michigan, Villanova and Kansas were more predicted to go far and go to the Final Four. To me , Kansas had the hardest bracket to get out of to play in the Final Four. They went up against teams such as Penn, Seton Hall, Clemson and Duke. Many people believed that Duke would defeat Kansas to make it to the Final Four.

    Kansas even though being the number one seed in their district of the bracket, Duke was ranked second. Though Kansas proved they have what it takes to win this year’s championship, the other teams have proved it as well.

    Villanova and Michigan on the other hand had somewhat an easy schedule. People predicted that they would win their district and move on to the Final Four. Villanova beat teams such as Radford, Alabama, West Virginia and Texas Tech. Where as Michigan beat teams such as Montana, Houston, Texas A&M and Florida State.

    With all this being said, this year,s Final Four should be very fun to watch and entertaining with good, close games.




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