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    Pit Bull Ban Ends


    It’s been approximately ten years since the law in Lakewood was first passed to ban all pit bull breeds and canary dogs.

    But now, all breeds are to be treated equally unless they have aggressive behavior. These dogs will be labeled as either “dangerous” or “nuisance” dogs.

    It seems to have all started with a pit bull mix named Charlie. Owned by a woman named Jennifer Scott, Charlie would be the start of something new.

    On Monday April 2nd, council members of Lakewood took a vote which ended in the standing ovation of the observing crowd. The vote was an astonishing 7-0.

    Support groups like the Cleveland Animal Protective League, All Breeds Lakewood, and I’m With Charlie have been there every step of the way.

    In January, mayor Mike Summers proposed a change regarding the pit bull law. However, his proposal still seemed to be breed specific. Eventually, city council members worked hard to evaluate this law and make it breed neutral.

    As of Monday April 2nd, all breeds of dogs are welcome here in Lakewood, and will be on equal footing until the dog is deemed as vicious or a nuisance.

    Also, the change in the law has also modified how Lakewood will identify animal abuse or neglect.

    These requirements include the following:

    1. Proper shelters/housing have to be large enough, be cleaned, dry, and safe from the elements with an enclosed top.
    2. The amount of time a dog is to be tethered outside is now limited to 6 hours out of a 24 hour period. They also must never be tethered out when there is a heat or cold weather advisory.

    More is yet to come on this new law.

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