Self Heating Mug


Nathan Dorn

Have you ever had a warm drink get  cold like tea or coffee or even a cup of hot chocolate?  Now there is a self heating mug that keeps your drinks warm and the temperature you want it to be.  The mug keeps a temperature of 70 degrees c-80 degrees c for two hours at a time. Also it displays the temperature of the drink on the side of the mug.  The mug is also complemented with a plate that keeps food warm.

The price of the mug is $80-$150.   Ember mug says “Hello” to you when you turn on the mug.  Ember is a company started Los Angeles by an inventor named Alexander.  He also created the energy-saving lightbulb in 2009.  In 2012 is when he started ember, the self heated mug.  The mug not only keeps a drink warm it also keeps a drink cold too.

Ember mug has a microchip installed to keep the drink warm and a head absorber to keep the drink cool when needed.  The company has some investors in the company.  The company had engineers that we’re from Microsoft and Apple.  Ember self heating mugs are now being sold at some Starbucks across the nation.

The Ember mug can keep drinks warm and cold which ever you choose.  It can keep a constant temperature for two hours at a time.  The cup displays the temperature on the side of the mug.  It also greets you when turned on the mug.   The mug is priced at a decent price of $80-$150.