When Should the School Year Really End?

When Should the School Year Really End?

Kaitlyn Rosa

Some people believe that the school year should end before Memorial Day, others say it should end after, and some say it just should not end at all. The truth is, it should be ending the week before Memorial Day.

Memorial Day, to most, marks the beginning of summer. People go out and grill, have cookouts, and maybe even put up a pool. People are busy all weekend preparing for the start of summer. Summer may technically start on June twenty-first, but most American’s like to start celebrating a little early.

This year, in my school district, we get out on May thirty-first. That is three days after Memorial Day. We get all of the week before to spend studying for our finals besides the Friday before. We start our first final that day and then we start the long weekend. I think that makes no sense. We should be able to finish all of our finals before the longer weekend and be done with school. We should be able to enjoy this national holiday instead of stressing out about our finals and studying.

I love seeing my family and doing things with hem. Unfortunately, due to testing, I cannot enjoy seeing them. Maybe a family wanted to go out-of-town to visit loved ones who have lost people due to war. We are not able to do that just because we have to come back and test on things that we could have tested on the previous week.

By the time the weekend is over, I also forget all of the reviewing I did the week before. It is so hard to enjoy our time off when we have to worry about three whole days of testing ahead of us.

In conclusion, we should be let out before Memorial Day due to the facts that it takes away time to spend with family you may not always see, you have to worry about the tests instead of getting them over with, and you are also not able to go out-of-town just so you could come back for three, or maybe even two depending on your schedule, days.