Addicted to Fortnite?


Madyson Lewellyn

What we are looking at here is an epidemic sweeping across the country like an infectious disease. A virtual tsunami has rolled across the American landscape and swallowed teenage boys whole. I, of course, am speaking of “Fortnite.”

Over the past few months the video game has developed a grasp so tight that teenagers around the country are exhibiting the same signs of addiction such as fading interests in all other activities and being suddenly incapable of engaging in conversations about any other topic. They quickly become strung out and irritable if away from their Playstation 4 or Xbox for more than a few hours. They debate endlessly about which is better: the pump-action shotgun or the bolt-action sniper rifle? And they brag dubiously about how many kills they had in their big second-place finish yesterday. They lie outright about the number of first-place victories they’ve accumulated.

For hours most nights, dozens of players shut themselves away in their rooms, ignoring calls and texts from family, friends and significant others. Everyone affected says the same: Once introduced, it’s a tough habit to kick. The addiction is spreading throughout several football programs across the country such as Oregon.

“I’d have to say 14 hours,” said defensive lineman Popo Aumavae when asked what his longest session was.

The team admits they mainly use the game as a way to unwind from long spring days filled with practices, tutoring and classes, but they also insist that there are skills that translate onto the field. Players specifically pointed to the communication aspect of the video game, a necessity for success when trying to outlast up to 98 other competitors or navigate complex college football offenses.

Girls across the country are declaring that the addiction has severely hindered their relationship with those effected.

One petition on aims to “get Fortnite delete off all consoles”, and has racked up 106 signatures so far.

It explains: “If you have a boyfriend that constantly ignores you to play Fortnite then please sign this petition, thank you.

Petition creator Tayler Malkinson adds: “Save your relationship.”

One signee wrote: “This game is ridiculous. Ruining my relationship.”