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    Greg Popovich’s Wife Dies


    Greg Popovich’s wife died on April 18, 2018. The death of his wife is going to leave a huge impact. An impact not only on Pop, but also on the people who care for him. That includes his team the Spurs.

    The Spurs have been a great team in the past years. It is easy to say that yo can give all that credit to Pop. He is one of the best basketball coaches of all time. When Pop is your coach, he makes a relationship with you. It’s not just a student-to-teacher relationship when it comes to the Spurs.

    Pop already has it hard. The NBA Play-offs just started and the Spurs first match-up is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have been the NBA champions for the past two of the last three years. It seems that they cannot be beaten. But if anyone knows Pop, he’s not going to go out without a fight.  The Spurs have a lot of potential to make it to the top again. They just have to put in a lot of work and try to find Golden States weaknesses. The Warriors are missing their key player Stephen Curry. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to take down Golden State. Though this is true, there is still a problem.

    Pop is missing his key player also, Kawhi Leonard. He has been out for a while now and the Spurs just aren’t the same without him. The other problem is, Golden State do not need Curry at all to be a super team. The still have he leagues 2nd best player Kevin Durant. The aren’t playing for themselves anymore though. They are doing this for Popovich. The Spurs are down 2-0 in the series. They are going to try their hardest to come back and win one for their coach.

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