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    The most talked about part of high school is your Senior Prom.  This is the final event that shapes your high school career. Since freshman year, many people have been raging about how much fun it will be and how much better their prom will be than all four homecomings you get to attend. Ladies dress up in long flowy dresses, get their hair, makeup and nails done, and buy beautiful high heels. Guys get fitted for a tuxedo and rent the perfect one.

    This years 2017 Lakewood High School Prom is being held at the Ariel International Center on Saturday, April 28th. The Ariel International Center is located at 1163 East 40th Street in downtown Cleveland. This building is 68,000 square feet and has a magnificent view which oversees Lake Erie and Cleveland’s skyline.

    Prom is from 7pm to 11pm and then afterwards after prom is from 11:30pm to 2:30am. After prom is a 39-year-old tradition at Lakewood High, it is a “safe option” for students after the dance. This way parents and educators do not have to worry about where the children/ students are or if they are safe or not.

    This is the first after prom that is being held at Lakewood High’s brand new gymnasium! There will be a lot of fun and interesting activities at after prom. There have been many volunteers that have signed up to help out at after prom and donations to afford the activities that will be at after prom.

    Tickets for prom and after prom were purchased back in March for students and their guests from other schools. Tickets for prom were $40 per person and after prom tickets $10 per person.

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