Lakewood in need of Volunteers For Healthy Lakewood Foundation


Jasmine Wilson

A new foundation called the volunteer for “Healthy Lakewood Foundation” has been seeking new volunteers to come and help out. The foundation is connected with the closing of Lakewood Hospital .

This foundation came from the great minds of Lakewood, the Cleveland Clinic and Lakewood Hospital Association they dedicated this foundation around the idea of improving the health and wellness of the Lakewood community.

Lakewood residents should come together and help volunteer to make Lakewood a better place, keeping the hospital is a very important and beneficial part of Lakewood and should not be demolished.

The Healthy Lakewood Foundation is so beneficial that in over the next decade and a half will accrue more than $32.4 million in assets which could financially help the community to make a change in our Lakewood environment.

The formation of the Healthy Lakewood Foundation consisted of the city forming a Foundation Planning Task Force, which was made up of volunteer residents with expertise in nonprofit administration, finance, law and healthcare. these volunteers studied healthcare conversion foundations, as well as listened to stakeholders.

“The Healthy Lakewood Foundation will be tasked with promoting innovative and evidence-based health and wellness opportunities, strategies and initiatives that result in sustainable impact. Its transparent efforts are based in humility, integrity and community voice,” said John Benson.

Volunteering for this foundation is the key aspect to making Lakewood a better place for the people who reside here and the people who come to visit. There are so many different people from all over so lets volunteer to make Lakewood a better place for everyone.