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    Come get the seasonal special at Dewey’s Pizza, the Tito Santana!

    Come get the seasonal special at Deweys Pizza, the Tito Santana!

    At Dewey’s Pizza located in western Lakewood, there is a new pizza in town. The Tito Santana, a taco styled pizza, has returned for the spring season. A seasonal specialty pizza, the Tito Santana is not only a customer favorite, but also a staff favorite pizza. As a cook in the kitchen, I can first-hand say that it is by far the favorite seasonal pizza by my fellow cooks.

    The Tito Santana differs from the traditional Pepperoni Pizza. Instead of using a tomato pizza sauce red sauce the Tito uses a taco sauce as the base. This base gives the Tito a different taste from any other pizza.

    After the sauce, the Tito receives a mixture of Chihuahua and Cheddar cheeses.  Chihuahua is a Mexican white cheese, is often found in Queso. The mixture of the two forms a Mexican cheese blend that is often identified in American made taco dished.

    Once the cheese has been applied, red onions are added to give a little taste, followed by an even amount of taco meat. The taco meat is seasoned ground beef, and with the rest of the ingredients, it forms a very tasty pizza. To finish off the pre-baking ingredients, the Tito gets a lite topping of Frito chips, which reminds the customer of a hard taco shell.

    When the pizza is finished being topped, it is then launched into one of Dewey’s four ovens. First the bottom is cooked for a minute. After the minute timer goes off, the pizza is then screened, and cooked for up to three or four more minutes.

    Finally, the Tito receives an after-bake of shredded lettuce, diced-tomatoes, and chipotle-ranch dressing.

    Come in and get your Tito Santana before it is too late!


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