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    Jay Boyd

    Jay Boyd

    Jybrell (Jay) Boyd is a senior at Lakewood High School. Jay has played football for four years, basketball for four years, and done track for 3 years.

    I had an opportunity to chat with Jay about the many things that he enjoys about this school and athletics. His responses are located below.

    Q: What is your favorite sport that you participate in? Why?

    A: “My favorite sport that I played is definitely football, but I really love basketball as well.”

    Q: What advice would you give underclassmen that are participating in high school athletics?

    A: “My advice to underclassmen athletes would be to make sure that what ever sport you are doing, that you really enjoy it. That way when you are putting in work and the grind it does not feel like a job or annoying. It is a feeling of having fun and every difficult drill or every night you are up really late doing homework you understand that it is to reach your goal, to be successful and to have fun.”


    Q: What are your plans for next year?

    A: “My plans for next year are going to Hocking College for two years and to play football there.”

    Q: Are you excited to leave high school behind?

    A: “Yes, I am very excited to leave the high school and start the new journey. It also helps that we put a banner up and won the conference so I can rest easy knowing that I’ll always have that memory.”


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