Predicting the NBA Finals

Predicting the NBA Finals

Jordan Miller

The stage is almost set with another year of basketball coming to an end. Only 4 teams remain, and these include the Cavs and Bucks, and the rockets and warriors. No one can say exactly what will happen for these series, but predictions can and will be made.

In my professional opinion I do believe the Cavs will finish boston in at least 5. Lebron James is playing his best ball at the moment, and after what happened with him and the Raptors it’s not hard to see that. Team chemistry is at an all time high, so Lebron is no longer the only one who looks like they are trying out there.

Kyle Korver and Tristan Thompson are playing their best basketball and adding to the general flow of the offense and defense. Korver plays with a certain intelligence and effort that almost can’t be matched. The same thing can be said for Tristan as he is constantly putting in work on both sides of the glass, whether it be rebounding or scoring.

The western conference finals are a little harder to delve into with the fact that golden state just recently got their franchise player back. If you haven’t been under a rock for the past year then you know the Rockets and Warriors were the obvious choice for the WCF. Houston took the series 2-1 in the season so they could very well be the front-runner in this matchup but I dare you to count the Warriors out.

Overall in my opinion the Cavs will face most likely the Rockets.