Yale Student’s Video of Being Interrogated By Police Goes Viral

Yale Students Video of Being Interrogated By Police Goes Viral

Sam Stone

“I am not going to justify my experience here.”

Lolade Siyonbola, 34 year-old Yale graduate student studying African studies was the subject to controversy. Siyonbola was studying in the student common room on Monday, when she decided in the late night to get some rest.

Tuesday morning at two, the lights came on and a white student, unidentified, exclaimed she should not be there and should not sleep there, then proceeded to call the police.

The Yale police arrived, the unknown woman citing the issue to be an “unauthorized person was in the common room.” A female officer was reported to say to Siyonbola that they “needed to make sure she belonged there.”

For proof Siyonbola proceeded to lead them to her dorm, open the door with the key. They checked her ID. There was confusion as her name was not in the database (it had been misspelled.

Siyonbola began to grow frustrated, saying that she was not going to justify her existence at the school. An officer identified himself as the supervisor and saying that they “determined who is and who isn’t allowed to be there” and that “it didn’t matter if she felt she belonged there.”

A spokesman for Yale reported they believed that the police followed protocol but of course they would be going over the case further.

There are two videos of the incident. One of the original encounter with the other student and a 17-minute video on Facebook of the police encounter. It has drawn hundred of thousands of views and thousands of shares.

This has come after two black men were arrested in a Starbucks within two minutes of being asked to buy something or leave, after a group of three women were detained as they were thought to be robbing the Airbnb they were staying in, and two Native American teenagers were questioned as they joined a college tour.

All incidents having different outcomes possible.