Rite-Aid Marathon


Nina Zanghi

It is that time of year again when the Rite-Aid Marathon comes into town. Ever since 1978, there has been over 350,000 participants in the marathon and it has raised over 15 million dollars a year to benefit the Cleveland area.

The Rite-Aid Marathon has a lot of history among its forty years. It is one of the 50th oldest marathons in the United States. It was the first to invite elite runners from the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and it was first to incorporate a 10K race into the marathon events in 1978. As one of the older marathons, it has not completely stayed the same. For the marathon used to begin a Cleveland State University and travel all the way to Bay Village and back, but now it goes throughout Cleveland to enjoy the scenic views, and down Lake Avenue in Lakewood.

There is not just one race involved in the Rite-Aid Marathon, for there is the marathon but there is also the half marathon, the 10K, the 8K, the 5K, and the 1 mile. These races offer a chance for everyone to be able to participate in the festivities, even if you aren’t the most elite athlete. It is also very easy to be a spectator if you are not up for running. With some great cheering spots at Public Square, Playhouse Square, or even right here in Lakewood at Lakewood Park.

The Rite-Aid marathon is a fantastic tradition here in Cleveland with a great purpose, promote fitness and wellness throughout Cleveland.