Time for Cavs to Panic?

Time for Cavs to Panic?

Ryan O'Toole

Arguably, one of the most, on-again-off-again teams in the National Basketball league, the Cleveland Cavs are off again. After a controversial early playoff record of eight wins and three losses, the Cavs are struggling once again. They dropped two straight games to the hungry Boston Celtics. The Celtics have soundly dominated the Cavs so far and if nothing else, have created a buzz in the league at one of the most crucial points in the post season. They simply out-coach, out-defend, and out-hustle a Cavs team that looks bored and unmotivated on the court.

Game one of the Eastern Conference Finals saw a concerning situation for Cleveland fans everywhere, Lebron James was not a factor in the game. He was guarded by the athletic and driven, Marcus Morris. James finished with a measly 15 points after 36 minutes and shot an atrocious zero for five from behind the three-point line. Kevin Love lead the team with 17 points and eight boards. On the flip side; Boston did whatever they wanted. Rookies Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum had a 23 point and 16 point outing, respectively. Marcus Morris also got it done on offense with 21 points and grabbed ten boards.

Game two posed a different, but equally concerning scene. Lebron was back to his usual self and dropped a cool 42 points, 10 boards, and dished out 12 assists. Kevin Love also came to play and had himself 22 points that night. Even Kyle Korver had a small chip in of 11 points. It was not enough. The Cavs fell to a zero to two series deficit. Jaylen Brown had 23 points again and Al Horford finished with a triple double.

What makes the Celtics so tough to overcome is their fan base, intensity, hustle, defense, and a great head coach to steer the team. Coach Brad Stevens has developed a system that allows for Lebron to do as he pleases but eliminates any other player to step on the floor. This system causes internal frustration among the Cavs and has no clear solution.