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    Madyson Lewellyn

    We never truly realize the magnitude of the saying “high school goes by in the blink of an eye” until we are on the other side–realizing it happens even faster.

    During my time at Lakewood High, I attained the four most influential chapters of my life. Each is chronicled with the lessons, the memories, the life-altering people who will always incite a smile along our future path. I hold an immense sense of gratitude for my four years spent in purple and gold…and all the cockroaches in between.

    Freshmen year proved to be the chapter including the greatest personal transformation. Faced with an opportunity to be involved on a service trip to Peru. I came back to Lakewood a transformed individual–adhere to the importance of gratitude for the intangible items in life. While the trip, I also kindled friendships that I still continue to hold close to my heart. The opportunities available at Lakewood High allowed me the experiences, the realizations, and the watering needed to grow my awareness of the surrounding world and the lessons waiting to be learned from the people inhabiting it.

    Although the third chapter of highschool was filled with blood, sweat, and tears–I still reflect upon it with gratitude. Junior year was a year by which  the compiled weight of labs, scantrons, and rigorous AP courses occupied all hours of my schedule. But caught within the debris, I learned to must look around and prize the moments of impact–the moments of impact we emerge with stronger foundation. The third chapter allowed me to realize that failure is apart of life, but most importantly that we must create something out of it. With a fair share of bags underneath my eyes, I cemented the foundations that are propelling me to future destinations today.

    Within the final chapter of my high school career, I am honored to be delivering a commencement speech during graduation.  In the process of writing, I find myself walking through Lakewood High and reflecting upon all the Friday nights spent in the student section, all the homecoming dances, all the regular faces, all the lessons…that have brough us to now. 

    Lakewood High School allowed me the experiences of a lifetime that ignited my sense of gratitude within the world, defined the opportunities within a state failure, and introduced me to people who will be in my life for many years to come.


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