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    Cleveland Browns Off Season


    The Cleveland Browns have been the laughing stock of the league for the past decade,  but this year fans are very excited. They have had 28 starting quarterbacks since 1999 and have won one game in the past two years. The draft hasn’t been kind to them either. With the departure of first round pick Corey Coleman,  the Browns do not have a first-round pick on the roster before 2018.

    This year fans are coming into the season with high hopes based on their off-season moves in free agency and in the draft. The Browns had the first and fourth pick in the draft and selected Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward. In free agency, they acquired some big names like Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor and Carlos Hyde.

    Last year, Tyrod Taylor helped lead the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs which is what head coach Hue Jackson wants. Veteran leadership is a key part to a winning team and the Browns organization really locked in on that aspect this off season.

    “Hard Knocks” is another reason why fans can’t wait for week one of the NFL season to start. Every year HBO picks one NFL team and covers them for a month during training camp.

    The show gives viewers an inside look into their practices, meetings and preseason games leading up to week one. The feeling around camp is that The Browns can have a successful season and compete for a playoff spot because of the added talent.

    Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry said “I really think we have a chance to do something special with this group of guys” and that is also how the rest of the organization feels as well.

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