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    Cleveland Browns Roster Cuts

    Cleveland Browns Roster Cuts

    The Cleveland Browns had their last preseason game on Thursday August 30th. The Browns  won that game and it was an important game for the rookies to show if they have what it takes to make the team.

    The Browns are only allowed to have 53 players on the team. They have a lot of good players, but some are not good enough for the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have cut 14 players.

    Here are the 14 players that got cut from the Browns. Running Back Mattew Dayes had a strong final preseason game. He got cut from the team but is still on the practice squad. Another running back got cut was Dontrell Hilliard from New Mexico. That was all for the running back position.

    The two wide receivers that were cut were Da’Mari Scott and Blake Jackson. They both could catch the ball really well but the Browns already had better players as for now.

    In the fullback position only one was cut and that was Danny Vilate. He was cut because of an injury. The team is going without a  fullback this year, but veteran tight end Orson Charles may take the fullback position

    Speaking of a tight end…  the one tight end got cut from the team was Devon Cajuste but he remains as a practice player.

    On the offensive line two players got cut  — Spencer Grango and Christian Dilaruo. Even though Spencer Grango started last year for the Browns, he will not make the team due to injury.

    That was all the of offensive players now let’s see the defensive roster cuts.

    Defensive linemen that got cut from the team are Nate Orchard. His pick six against the Lions wasn’t enough for the Browns. Caleb Brantley was the last person to get cut from the team and he is now on the practice squad.

    The other two defensive linemen are Zaycoven Henderson and Daniel Ekuale.  The linebackers that did not make the team were Brady Sheldon and B.J Bello. Three safeties were cut —  Montrel Meander, Tigie Sankoh, and Simeon Thomas. Simeon Thomas did pretty well but had too many flags.

    Only one conerback got cut and it was Mike Jordan and he got better during the preseason but it was not good enough for the Browns.  On special team Justin Vogel, the punter, got cut. He missed a lot of field goals during the preseason.

    The Browns looked very carefully for the right players to help them win games this NFL season.

    The Browns first game will be on Sunday September 9th against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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