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    Vegan Doughnut Co.


    Right in the heart of downtown Lakewood and nestled next to Dave’s Cosmic Subs, a VEGAN doughnut place has sprung up. Two sisters, Kharisma and Kyra Mayo, began their vegan journey in 2014 and decided that they still needed sweets. With flavors like lemon lavender, matcha and s’mores with vegan marshmallows on top, the idea that vegan food is bland has been totally contradicted.

    Student Dean Danckeart says,”I think it’s a wonderful addition to the community, and they’re going to give Dunkin’ Donuts a run for their money.”

    For the love of animals, and the love of sweets, the Mayos have made delicious enough sweets to score a booth at VegFest–and attracted quite the crowd. Their other well known pop-up happened in Lakewood, at Ice Cream Joy–which sold out in minutes with a line around the block. Their obvious success couldn’t have been projected, but when one makes a product that is both delicious and somewhat healthier than the original, the demand has to grow! The demand for these delectable and fulfilling sweets grew so much that they had to set up shop in Lakewood on Detroit. No one can pinpoint what downtown Lakewood needed, but when introduced to the idea of a Vegan Doughnut Shop it was clear: we need something healthy and fun.

    Kharisma said in an interview with LiveKindly, “We do want to do more than just doughnuts. Before we went vegan, we loved anything sweet. We want to make everything we haven’t been able to find, vegan versions of all of our favorite things.


    Speaking of pop-ups! The Vegan Doughnut Company, having not opened their doors quite yet, is going to be at Lakewood Public Library selling their delicious treats TODAY, Thursday the 20th. Be sure to visit and grab a bite!



    Vegan Donut Brand Opens Store Due to Hugely Successful Pop-Up

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