Fantasy Football Hype!


James Morrissey

With the NFL season starting up and college football kicking off, fans of the sport are more excited than a kid in a candy shop. Another reason fans around the world are raging is the point based game that has kids and adults alike watching their favorite players playing their favorite game. Fantasy football is a popular topic of conversation in the halls of LHS; it’s seemingly impossible to get away from the hype.

The super game has players from across the world, 21% of Americans totaling over an estimated 59.3 million people according to Not only is Fantasy Football entertaining to the masses, but it helps the players get paid. Fans not only have their favorite team to watch, now they watch the games that have their fantasy team players playing on Sunday.

The average player spends $556 per year on league dues and online entry fees. Fantasy Football has been a savior for the NFL, generating interest and revenue while viewership has gone down.

We asked Senior Adam Hascher if he played fantasy football and whether or not it has gotten him more involved in the game itself. “I love fantasy Football!! I have played for years and I always enjoy it. It’s way more enjoyable when you’re playing for money and the people you are playing with take it serious. I have read that it is good for the NFL too, the only problem is it can dehumanize players; it only makes me love the players more and want to watch them too. “– Hascher stated.

His friend Tommy Sala weighed in on the topic too. Sala stated, “I used to play, it can take up a lot of time, but it keeps you connected with your friends and I enjoyed playing. I never watched more games, but I definitely watched more highlights and stuff like that.”

It’s obvious that Fantasy football is a phenomenon and it’s not going away anytime soon.