Were Our Hopes Too High For The Browns?


McKenzie Lane

This past Sunday, the Browns took on the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland Alameda Coliseum. In an exciting back and forth game, the Browns lost in overtime 42-45.

Though it was not a blowout and the Browns did pretty well, it brings Cleveland fans to ask the question: were our hopes up too high? The first game of the season was a tie to Pittsburg. The game was a win, and also the first game quarterback, Baker Mayfield, played in. Was Mayfield the secret to their win?

Well, not quite, because the following week, the Browns fell. Cleveland is now left with the horrifying thought that maybe they will not win again, and go back to their losing ways. Is it bad luck? There certainly is not a lack of skill, for we have a first round pick (Mayfield) and plenty of other players such as, Myles Garrett, Carlos Hyde, and Joe Schobert. It could be due to the rookie players, including Mayfield and the Cornerback, Denzel Ward. Though they have been playing football since they could walk, nerves may be running through them, for they are now NFL players.

When Browns fan, Grace Stringer, was asked if it was just a bad game or instead an indication of how the rest of the season would be going, she responded with, “I do not think they played bad at all. The other team was just a little more lucky in overtime. I think that the rest of the season will still go well and they will continue to surprise us.”

Hopefully, it is not the end of the Browns winning, for Cleveland has been waiting too long. The Cavaliers and Indians both had their moments, it is now time for the Browns to shine and prove everyone wrong.