Dunkin Donuts Employee Fired

Dunkin Donuts Employee Fired

Shane Rakes


Shontay Brown was wanted by the Lakewood Police Department for allegedly robbing the Dunkin Donuts on W117th Street. Which is the same one that he had previously worked at.

3o year old fast food worker Shontay Brown was fired in July for refusing to serve a Cleveland Police officer. The owner of the Dunkin Donuts shop said he was fired the same day. You might already know this Cleveland Police officer Frank Garmback, since he was at the middle of the Tamir Rice shooting that made the headlines world-wide. Garmback was the one driving the Police car when his partner shot Tamir Rice. However, there isn’t any reason to believe that this played a role in what happened in Dunkin Donuts that day. On a Friday at Dunkin Donuts on W117th Street Police officer Frank Garmback went to order in his uniform and he would not be helped.

One of Officer Garmback’s relatives said,”I think I was outraged, and I was saddened for him. He wanted an iced coffee. Walked up to the counter and the gentleman told him, ‘I don’t serve cops,’ and he turned his back and walked away.”

He was arrested on Monday, Marshals arrested him near Gramatan Avenue near West 140th Street in Cleveland. Brown was charged with aggravated robbery. The U.S Marshal Pete Elliott states that,” The Lakewood Police Department is to be commended for their efforts on this investigation. The robbery happened over the weekend and by Monday, Brown was behind bars to answer for his actions.”

Lakewood High School’s very own sophomore Alexander Blinky said,”this situation is just  horrible, I feel bad for Officer Garmback and it’s horrible how rude Shontay Brown was to him just because he was in a police uniform. I think it’s good that Brown was fired and now he’s in jail for robbery.”