Lakewood’s LRC is the Greatest

Lakewoods LRC is the Greatest

James Morrissey

What do you do in your free time at LHS? I can guarantee that you will find me in the library. It’s a great place to go  if you ever need to get something done, need some quiet time, or even if you just get bored. With over 15,000 books, a computer lab, good chairs, work tables, an over-look of the lunch room, a multi-class conference room, the Ranger Hub, phone charging stations, and wonderful librarians–the LRC has it all.

I talked to longtime librarian at LHS, Mrs. Storey. We asked Mrs. Storey what her  thoughts were on the new library and how it compared to the old one. “We love it here–there’s a lot of change but the times and the students have changed too and I think the differences are good.” She would go on to say, “I wish I could sit down and read myself.”

Some of the biggest changes besides the look and feel of the library are the books. A slight cleanse took place, the number of books fell from a soaring 28,000 books to a mere 15,000.  The type of book has changed from a majority of non-fiction books to the trendy fictional category. We talked to Erin Kelly about her thoughts on the downgrade of books but upgrade in cutting edge technology the LRC has to offer.,”I have yet to sit and read but I love it here. It’s extremely helpful to know that there is a place I can get great resources for a project and/or find a book to get away from the world.”

Over 150 students visit the LRC everyday and a good portion of that foot traffic enters the Ranger Hub. The Ranger Hub is a maker space where students and teachers can go and explore new-age technology such as 3D printing.