Is it too Early for Christmas Decorations?


Jillian Moorman

Thanksgiving has yet to occur and Halloween just passed-Christmas is still over a month away, but for some reason Christmas decor is filling every part of our lives. Halloween hadn’t even happened yet and there were Christmas decorations galore. Every store, every television commercial, every radio station talking about the upcoming holiday.

Every holiday should have their “time to shine”, and with Christmas decorations being sold already, Thanksgiving is being overlooked according to some, but is it really?

Some would consider this the holiday season and combine Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years together.  This viewpoint makes it a little easier to understand why the holiday displays are up so early. Not only that, but individuals may start their holiday shopping early on. This provides retail businesses with a reason to decorate early.

I feel that it goes both way. I am all about getting into the holiday spirit–but not before Halloween has occurred. Christmas music should be played starting on Black Friday, decorations should be put up around mid November in order for people to get in the mood, but also pursue their shopping, and to create profit for holiday season.

I talked to Monica Ramos on her opinion of early Christmas decorations, she said, “I enjoy seeing the decor early on, but I feel like it is too forced, especially with the commercials companies play.” I agree with Monica one hundred percent– sometimes it is a little too forced. Overall, the holiday season should be enjoyed and if that includes early embellishing, then by all means, let’s decorate!