Browns Add a Win to Their Record


Jillian Moorman

Sunday, October 11th at 1 p.m. the Browns had the perfect opportunity for a win. The Cleveland Browns played at First Energy Stadium against the Atlanta Falcons which had a record of 4-4 going into the game. The Browns were going in with a record 2-6-1.

The Browns and the Falcons both had possession of the ball once before anyone scored. Cleveland Browns were first to score with a pass to Rashard Higgins–the Browns wide receiver–there was four and a half minutes left in the 1st quarter. Atlanta could not comeback with a touchdown of their own, so they settled for a field goal. At the end of the first quarter, Browns were up 7-3.

In the 2nd quarter, with five minutes remaining, Julio Jones, the Falcons wide receiver, scored to have his team take the lead. The Browns were not going to go down without a fight– Baker Mayfield threw to rookie Nick Chubb for a touchdown with less than one minute left. By halftime, the Browns were up 14-10.

The Cleveland Browns came back even stronger than they were the first half. Their defense stopped Atlanta from scoring the first two times they had possession of the ball. Duke Johnson came out and caught another pass from Mayfield to increase their lead. Falcons almost had an amazing long yard catch, but Denzel Ward was there for the block.

For the most amazing play of the game, Nick Chubb ran for a 92 yard touchdown. The crowd was on fire after this play. This play set the Browns record for longest franchise run.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, Falcons tight end, Austin Hooper, scored on fourth and goal from the 2 yard line to make the score 28-16. To end the game, Matt Ryan, Atlanta’s quarterback fumbled the ball, resulting in a Browns possession.

Kevin Villafane, a fan that attended the game, stated, “This is the most exciting Browns game yet this season. Hopefully they continue to play the way they did.”

The final score of the game was 28-16, and the Browns improved their record to 3-6-1.