College Professors Give Alcohol and Rape Students


Maddy McFarlin

Three Dartmouth College Professors were turned in for rape and sexual harassment. The professors convinced the female students into drinking and then either raped or sexual harassed them. This happened with seven women that came forward so far. There are 40 women who are current or former students who have said they have had something similar happen to them.

The professors are now dealing with a lawsuit and are not allowed on the Dartmouth campus. The women are suing the professors for $70 million in damages. The school board is also making it their duty to protect them from sexual harassment.

Dartmouth knew about what was going on with the professors for more than 16 years but continued to do not a single thing about it. Some of the women have decided to sue Dartmouth for this, which they have the right to since they knew about these actions.

The actions of the professors have led to depression and attempted suicides between all these women, which is truly horrible. No one should have to go through this during their time in college when they are just trying to get a good education.

Colleges should pay more attention to these certain problems. These kind of things happen way too often in colleges or anywhere in the world. Women should not have to be fearful when they go to college. Women should not be worried when they go out if something bad is going to happen. Women should not be scared that what they are wearing is going to want to make men throw themselves at them. “Women have the right to do what they want and feel safe doing it without men feeling obligated to come up to them and say something foul,” junior Aziza Mohammed.

Women should be able to go out and do what they want without it leading to being sexually harassed or thinking that it will lead to that. Let Women live their lives without having the fear of being raped. These women have the right to sue Dartmouth and the professors for what they have done. The actions that happened have messed them up mentally and maybe even physically.