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    Travis Scott Got His Own ‘Astroworld Day’ In Houston


    On November 18, it is now officially known as ‘Astroworld Day,’ in Houston, Texas.

    AstroWorld is mostly known as Six Flags AstroWorld, in Houston, Texas. It first opened June 1st, 1968 but was permanently closed October 30th, 2005. AstroWorld was home of many unique attractions for its “outer-space” theme around the park.

    The permanent closing of the amusement park was devastating to AstroWorld fans and Houston residents.  The amusement park originally closed because of various issues with park performances and competition against other entertainment venues. The former AstroWorld lot was sold to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2012 for $42.8 million, according to

    But, if you’re a big Travis Scott fan or just listen to some of his music, you might recognize the word, AstroWorld, from Travis Scott’s third studio album.

    (credit:, @travisscott)

    But what makes this day so special to the Houston-native rapper?

    Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, has named November 18th ‘AstroWorld,’ in honor of Scott and his attribution of the famous amusement park.


    “Turner announced the honor following Scott’s inaugural Astroworld Festival, which brought 40,000 fans to Houston. Scott accepted the proclamation recognizing him as an ambassador for the arts, education, and youth initiatives at Houston’s city hall. In his acceptance speech, Scott said that the inspiration behind the festival and LP was Six Flag’s now-closed AstroWorld in Houston.” –

    “I think Travis Scott’s venture and passion in trying to bring back AstroWorld is really cool and inspiring.” – Adam Alkhdour.

    “I grew up here my whole life. I was inspired by AstroWorld. In ’05 when they took it away, it kind of like took a big piece of my heart away,” he said. “I just wanted to kind of bring back that feeling and give this city something [so] they can always have something fun to do.”

    (credit: 97.9 The Box)






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