“Butterfly” by Kennedy Ball

Kennedy Ball


I flap my wings and fly free.

I flap around in the summer breeze.

The rays of the sun hitting me, warming me,

making me feel… Happy.

The rainy days are the dark days.

I watch you stare blankly out your window.

The thunder occupying you as your heads as dark and cloudy as the sky.

Asking, “Why”

Wondering the many ways,

Ways to be free again.

Contained in a room,

You dance alone to music with your broom.

I watched you through the windows,

Protected by the leaves and the wind blows.

The music stops, broom drops,

You hear the song that makes your heart stop.

Tears brimming, fists clenching,

You fall, heart-wrenching.

You think of the happy days, the sun rays,


Walls built miles long, miles high.

You become your own worker, pieces of you embedded in the great wall you built.

You feel this feeling of guilt,

Cuddled up alone in your grandma’s quilt

Wishing to be in the arms of him.

Over and over again tears brim,

Threaten to fall as you let your guard down.

Once again he’s taken the crown.

He’s won.

You’ve lost.

Heart in a constant battle with your mind,

But you’ve gone blind.

You mourn over the man you thought was ‘the one’

I flap my wings and fly away, the sun peeks from behind the clouds,

I am free again, your story lost in my mind among the crowds.

I fly away and watch a new story.

I watch them from the tree through the windows.

I know more than they know.