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    Formula 3 Crash


    In Macau, China, Sunday afternoon, 17-year old Sophia Floersch crashed in the 65th Macau Grand Prix. German born Floersch hit the back of another driver’s car, sending her into the car of Sho Tsuboi and launched over the barrier into a space occupied by the media. Along with Floersch, Tsuboi, two photographers and a track marshal were injured in this crash. Floersch and Tsuboi were rushed to the hospital in Macau and the Grand Prix started up again an hour later.

    Updates on Floersch show us that she suffered a spinal fracture and has spent nearly eleven hours in surgery. No fear of paralysis has been shown by either her team, Van Amersfoort Racing, or herself. Floersch has been updating her Twitter throughout the entire ordeal and publicly thanked her doctor in Macau, Riccardo Ceccarelli. If Floersch had run directly into the barrier, rather than over it, her conditions would most likely be much worse.

    Floersch’s car is said to have been going about 172 mph when she crashed, and is considered very lucky to be alive.  Floersch’s response to the crash has proved luckier than those in the past at the Macau Grand Prix, as just last year, British motorcyclist Daniel Hegarty died after hitting the barrier–the barrier that Floersch scaled. Senior Morgan Dabran, also 17, says,”I think she should stop racing now.”

    The gruesome crash, to most, would warrant the above response–but Floersch is tweeting updates around the clock, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down for the remainder of her racing career.


    You can watch the crash below:


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