Ohio senators to vote on “Heartbeat” bill

Riley Geyer

As Ohio senators gather to vote on the “heartbeat” abortion bill, one of the toughest abortion regulations in this country, many are becoming emotional in this fight for women’s rights.

The “heartbeat” bill, House Bill 258, proposes to ban abortion when a heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy. This bill would also apply to victims of rape and incest. John Kasich has stated he will veto this bill, as he did two years ago. However, according to Springfield News Sun, “The Ohio House of Representatives adopted the bill last month on a 60-35 vote, which is enough support to override a veto from Gov. John Kasich.”

Lakewood High School senior, Isabella Bryson, has expressed full opposition to this bill. “I don’t understand how anybody can be in support of taking away this right from a woman. I guess not everyone knows that a heartbeat doesn’t mean the fetus is living.”

A fetus, at six weeks, is the size of a sweet pea. The arms and legs have not yet developed, and there is no brain activity. The heart has not fully developed, and a fetus at this stage can not survive outside of the womb.

As the day to vote on House Bill 258 approaches, there have been many rallies from both pro-life and pro-choice sources. Planned Parenthood and other opposers of the bill have gathered in front of the statehouse. According to Wksu.org, “opponents say the bill would deny legal abortion before many women know they are pregnant.”