New Movie About Dick Cheney

New Movie About Dick Cheney

Mckenzie Lane

This past Christmas, the movie Vice was released, starring many big actors such as Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Steve Carell who all help depict the life of Dick Cheney. It is an American biographical comedy-drama written and filmed by Adam McKay. The movie begins in his early years and spans his life up until his heart transplant and the election of his daughter, Liz Cheney, to be a representative of Wyoming.

Within that 2 hours and 12 minutes, various aspects of his life are shown: his family life, the start of politics, his relationship with Donald Rumsfield (a politician and mentor of some sorts), George W. Bush, his role as Vice President, and his bad health that led to the heart transplant.

The movie was narrated in third person by a man who had served in Iraq war, which created an interesting spin on a biographical movie. It also contained humor to keep the film from being dry and boring, like many biographies are. The film was a little slow-moving with the Vice Presidency not coming until the end; however it was still engaging and the humor made the movie much more enjoyable.

Despite my opinion and believing it was a good film, the reviews were not very kind, with many believing it was too liberal. In the critics defense, the film depicts the republican party and all politicians as corrupt, Cheney is portrayed as heartless, and George W. Bush is made to look like a straight buffoon.

When asking high school AP Government teacher, Ron Lewis, what he thought about the movie he said, “As a government teacher and as someone who lived through that time period it was important for me to see the movie…I have encouraged other social studies teachers to see it as well… But, it has a clear liberal bias…I enjoyed the movie it was different, funny, and I learned a few things….”

Vice at worst is a mediocre movie that can be enjoyed by those who have the slightest idea bout Cheney or his achievements. No movie is liked by everyone, but that decision is left to you.