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    Cat Cafe in Tremont


    A new local business was introduced to Tremont on January 2. That business being called affoGATO Cat Cafe. Located at 761 Starkweather Ave, this takes place in a cute corner shop. The cafe is run by owner Mandy, and co-owners Eduardo and Lea, who are all obvious cat lovers.

    Their mission is to improve the city of Cleveland by creating a safe and loving environment for adoptable cats. They support local businesses and artists, all while being partnered with the Cleveland APL. This means that when a cat gets adopted from the cafe, a cat from the shelter can be put in its place, which opens up a spot in the shelter.

    The cafe is made up of two sections: one as a normal cafe where you can order drinks and relax, and the cat lounge where you and 14 other people can hang out with up to 16 cats.

    The menu consists of things like coffee, tea, and treats, which are all cat themed. All of the drinks have a cat pun as well, such as a “catpawccino” or “mewocchiato” which range in low and reasonable prices.

    Out of the twelve cats currently at the cafe, two are residents, eight are adoptable, while two are on hold. More cats are soon to be coming from the shelter to be given a new life of safety, happiness, and friendship with other cats, and the visitors to the cafe.

    One thing to keep in mind before you go is to make sure you have a reservation to get in. You can do this on the affoGATO Cafe website or by making one when you get there, though you aren’t guaranteed a spot. These reservations are for hour-long slots, which cost $10 per person for a spot during a week and $12 per person for a spot on the weekend.

    “It’s really cool that there’s a place to both shelter cats and provide a cool space to hang out for people,” said Paige Turcotte, “I think it’ll be a great addition to the community.”

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