Money Money Money


Maddy McFarlin

Everything in the world is based on money and that is just about it. Everyone constantly says that they have a specific purpose in life, but truly we live to make money that is our purpose. Money is our purpose. We go to school at a young age to have the mentality that we have to go until we graduate. While we are in high school there is all of this pressure on what you want to be when you are older. That is all people ask you anymore or where you want to go to college at.

When we are in high school thinking about our futures it stresses a lot of people out. You are never really sure what you want to do for the rest of your life and it is scary. The only reason you have that job is to make money to support yourself and when you have kids to also support them as well.

It is always nice to be passionate about your job but that does not always happen. Some people dread going to their job every single day but they know they have to do it because that is how they are going to make their living. Junior Aziza Mohamed said, “The only thing we work for in life is money.”

You live to get a job. You live to make money. You live to buy things you need. You live to buy things you want. We learn to find what we are interested in. We figure out what we want to do with our entire life. We manage with the money we earn. It is quite hard to live in the world today if you do not have a well-paying job because everything is so expensive.