What Matters Most to People Today?

What Matters Most to People Today?

Aiden Kelley

I guarantee that everyone has heard an older relative say something along the lines of “back in my day, we didn’t have this” or “when I was younger, we paid more attention to this rather than that.” So what does that mean?

When you think of something you think you need, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Be honest, how many people think of basic survival necessities over material items such as phones or computers? How many people thought of things like money or power were basic survival needs?

Since life on Earth first started out, it’s always been about getting to the top, being the best, being the most powerful. This is something that evolution failed to take away from humans. Today you see people all over social media trying to bring in more likes, more followers. In the media, it’s about being the most popular show, most popular network. As a species, I feel that we lost sight of what we truly need a while ago.

So, besides a natural desire to be on top for power, what other reasons could someone want to claw their way to the top? Could they be afraid of being unrecognized? Maybe they’re scared of being left out of spotlight, or maybe even the opposite; they want to be above all for the popularity, not necessarily for the power.

Another thing people care too much about is money. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t care about money, because it’s important, but you have people from all over that’ll do anything to make money. Those people can be rich or poor.

“Instead of focusing on our society ranking, we should start focusing more on the world around us.” said Hana Johnson.