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    Chinas push for global propaganda


    China’s President Xi Jinping is pushing for a better global image for the 21st-century superpower. China is creating its new media outlet by combining the three state television and radio broadcasters: China Global Television Network, China Radio International, and China National Radio. The main purpose of this radio and television is to portray the country as a peaceful and fair world power.

    China has fallen under the spotlight for human rights violations and abuse, “Authorities subjected more human rights defenders—including foreigners—to show trials in 2017, airing excerpted forced confessions and court trials on state television and social media. Police ensured the detainees’ compliance by torturing some of them, denying them access to lawyers of their choice, and holding them incommunicado for months,” wrote The World Report on their human rights watch. According to a Harvard University report China pays 2 million people to post media that supports the government, especially after controversial events.

    China mainly uses social media and news outlets as its main pathway for propaganda but has established a “social management” scheme that supports Chinese ideologies and policies. The management programs instill government surveillance wherever they are enforced. “Propaganda is never good, if a country has to use propaganda to boost its appearance on an international level then that country is clearly doing something wrong which is why it looks bad to others. In China’s case, we know that they are destroying environments and showing aggression towards other smaller countries that they can bully out of areas that they desire for needed resources,” said Emma Walker, a senior at Lakewood High School.


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