Can Colors Change Your Mood?


Kaitlyn Rosa

There have been many studies that compared the effects between color and your mood. It has been proved that color can put you from sad to happy and angry to calm. When it comes to changing the mood of someone, there are four primary colors. These colors may have different results but there are some similarities as well.

For example, red symbolizes power and strength. It is also known to possibly stimulate aggression. Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with joy, hope, and optimism. Both red and yellow may create two different moods, at the end of the day, the generally “warm” shades are known to increase arousal.

Green, however, is believed to be emotionally calming and it stands for harmony and blue is seen as the color of intellect, yet it is so calming that it can lower blood pressure. Which brings us to the fact that the “cool” shades, blue and green, can be relaxing.

According to US News, many research has found that people living in areas with more green space have better physical and mental health that those who occupy the areas consisting of less green space. A recent European study looked at the effects on the city dwellers when they purposefully visited a greener area. The study was able to support the fact that green areas do lead to better mental mindset and vitality.

Another study done by researchers at Michigan State University, they analyzed data from the other side of the world. They studied the effects of living with an ocean view or green space on the residents of Wellington, New Zealand. The study results showed that just looking out and seeing the pure blue ocean or sea can significantly improve distress.