Valentine’s Day Can Truly Be Great For Everyone


Maddy McFarlin

February 14th, an amazing day that many people celebrate. A day for couples to get together and celebrate their love for each other. They get flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and all kinds of extravagant gifts to show their love. The only down side about it is for the singles, they get stuck in the dust with this day.

Although some singles tend to still celebrate this holiday with themselves or others. They may end up treating themselves to something to show the love they have for themselves. Everyone deserves something on this day even if you do not have a significant other, treat yourself, it is the least you could do for yourself.

Now for the couples they tend to have a little more fun with this holiday because they get to treat a significant other to whatever they like. To show all the love and to pay back for all the things they have done. They take this day as a big celebration for love and gratitude towards one another. Everyone deserves to spend one Valentine’s Day with someone. Everyday you can show your significant other love but today, Valentine’s Day, is the day where you go all out for your love.

“I love Valentine’s Day because everyone is always in a good mood and I love spoiling myself and the people I love around me,” said junior Aziza Mohamed. If you see someone who does not have a significant other go up to them and give them a compliment or buy them a carnation to show that it is okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day because you have people who love you all around and you have yourself to love.