Another Government shutdown?

Another Government shutdown?

Ali Alhamdani

Will we see another government shutdown soon? Many federal workers still have not received their back pay or have only gotten a fraction of what they are owed. Government agencies struggle with payroll glitches and other delays, nearly two weeks after the end of the longest government shutdown in U.S history. This might become reality again very soon.

The federal government could shut down at the end of the week amid the failure of Congress and the president to pass a new spending bill. Friday-night is the funding deadline. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan released on Tuesday evening the Republicans plan to buy more time to negotiate with Democratic members of Congress. He proposed a bill that would prevent a government shutdown and extend funding until February 16. It’s clear that no one wants another government shutdown.

Although the White House talks a big game about the possibility of letting it happen, there is no political benefit to Trump of allowing a shutdown. Trump has no reason to shut down the government unless he sends a message that the wall must be built.

If the Democrats agree on this wall, than the border-security agreement would allow construction of 55 new miles of border fencing in Texas Rio Grande Valley area. The Border Patrol could use any barrier design in current use, including steel slats.

Senior Jayden Reyes said, “If we see another government shutdown, a lot of people will not get paid and people will get angry. Most people live by paycheck to paycheck and another shutdown will just ruin families.”