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    Dwyane Wade’s Clutch Game Winner


    The Miami Heat is currently just six short games shy of the .500 win mark for the season. They stand outside of the playoff picture but does that stop them from playing the game they know how to play? Nope.

    It was a truly unforgettable night for the folks down at American Airlines Arena, that’s for sure. Dwayne Wade is managing to walk off from his career in the most dramatic, but best, way possible. He managed to bank a buzzer-beating three-point shot against the Golden State Warriors. He managed to desperately get the shot off and win it for his team against the team that won the 2018 NBA Championship. They beat them by a score of 126-125.

    Many wished they were able to be there to witness that stellar shot in person. “I feel like everybody in that arena was beyond lucky to have been able to witness that shot,” said current teammate Bam Adebayo to CBS News. “It felt like everybody was down on the floor celebrating with us. To see him make so many of those shots, growing up as a fan of D-Wade, and then to be apart of this game, man I might not sleep tonight. I will remember this one forever.”

    “I don’t know. I was just running. I was just having fun,” Wade said. “I have no idea. You don’t plan it. It’s an out-of-body experience… It was special for me. It was definitely one of the hardest game winners I have ever had to hit. It was great to do it in front of the fans.” Lakewood High School junior Dylan Johnson said “I can’t believe D-Wade is still going. That man is amazing. His skills are remarkable.”

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