17th Annual Boat Regatta

17th Annual Boat Regatta

Jillian Moorman

On Tuesday, March 5th at 3:15 p.m all of the students enrolled in physics will be partaking in the seventeenth annual boat regatta. The event takes place in the natatorium at Lakewood High School.

The objective to this intriguing project is to use our knowledge regarding buoyancy and Archimedes Principle to create and build a cardboard boat that holds two people and makes it across the twenty-five yard pool. Although this may sound like a rather simple task, there are restrictions that make it more difficult.

Students may only use untreated corrugated cardboard and clear packing tape; no duck tape or glue is permitted. Since the boat regatta is being sponsored by Tavens Packaging and Display Solutions, students were able to pick up free cardboard to use on their project.The maximum thickness is allowed to be double the thickness of the original piece, but the first piece can not be more than half an inch. Sever feet long and six feet wide is the largest the cardboard boat is allowed to be. Lastly, the clear tape can not be three inches past the edge or seam of the boat.

If boats do not follow the guidelines they will be eliminated.

There is an extra opportunity included in this project– being on television. Every year for the past fourteen years, Kenny Krumpton from Fox 8 News shows up for his “Kickin’ it with Kenny” segment. Students will have a chance to race a second boat that they built on the news that morning. This year it will be filmed and aired on Monday, March 4th between 6:30 and 9:00 a.m.

Max Lewellyn, a senior physics student, stated, “I am looking forward to seeing if I make it across the pool.”

Tickets will be sold to attend the afternoon boat regatta; so head on out to see the physics students of Lakewood High battle each other in a race to victory.