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    Man Murders Wife With Corn Rake


    A Iowa man, Todd Mullis, has been accused of fatally stabbing his wife, Amy Mullis, with a corn rake. He learned his wife had been involved with a couple of secret affairs.

    According to Fox News, authorities learned that the couple, who had three children, have been experiencing marital problems lately and the woman was caught cheating with another man.

    The police have formally charged Mullis with the murder of his wife. She was found dead on November 10, 2018, on a farm she owned about four miles away from where the couple lived. Authorities initially said the women had been fatally injured due to a fall with her husband calling and reporting to the police that no one had seen what happened to her.

    Shortly after the incident occurred, the possibility of this being an accident was ruled out when the autopsy results were returned. They showed that the woman suffered six puncture wounds. They went on to list her death as a homicide.

    Investigators told People that the woman was concerned her husband was going to harm her, and possibly kill her, due to the fact that he found out about the affairs.  “You’ll know Todd did something to me,” she allegedly told a close friend. “This situation is horrible and sounds very scary. It doesn’t make sense that the close friend did not try to do something to help her out once she said that she feared for her life,” said Lakewood High School senior Miranda Larimer.

    Mullis told the police that their son found his wife impaled on a corn rake and he decided to remove it and take her straight to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead. Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said they interviewed one of the men involved in her affair. He said the woman was “scared to death” of him. “If he catches me, he might make me disappear,” the woman allegedly said, according to Fox News.

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