Fourth of July Parade Location Change


Lalia Riseng

In the city of Lakewood, the Fourth of July is one of the most communally enjoyed holidays. The patriotic occasion is celebrated by most people regardless of beliefs and backgrounds, and the weather is usually nice enough to support many traditional outdoor events! One of these is the Fourth of July parade, which takes place in the morning, and showcases many different groups, from food trucks to marching bands to local community organizations. Whether one is a participant or an onlooker, the parade is always a fun event for people of any age.

This year however, the location of the parade will be different from previous years. It usually marches from Kenneth Drive to Belle Avenue, and finishes in Lakewood Park. But this year, the East end of Lake avenue will be being repaved from the months of May to November; that area will not be available to host the event. Instead, the parade will start from the West end of Lake Avenue (which was repaved last summer), running from Nicholson Avenue to Belle Avenue, and ending in the park like usual.

Mayor Mike Summers announced these changes Monday, March 25th. Some community members may be upset, because this will interrupt a tradition that is many years long. But the construction on Lake is a city project that has been planned for a long time, and it needs to happen over the warmer months when the weather is accommodating. So although the parade location change may be an inconvenience, it is one that is necessary and will serve the betterment of the community. And the road will be done by next year; then the parade spot will be back to normal.

As Lakewood resident, Christine Larson, says, “I think it will a nice change of scenery, and I definitely think the construction is worth it if it will make the street better.”