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    Venezuela encounters third major blackout of March


    Venezuela has been slowly regaining power since its third blackout in March.  The blackout hit the poorer areas way harder than anywhere else.  Lots of cities are still suffering from the first major blackout that occurred earlier in March.

    “I think this is ridiculous that the leader of Venezuela can’t even control what is happening in his own country.  This is the third blackout this month he really needs to fix the problems that are making these blackouts happen” states Dylan Ferry.

    The blackout was all the people were talking about including protests by supporters of embattled president Nicolas Maduro that was going on around this time.  Maduro blamed the US and its allies of sabotaging the power plants and electricity plants.

    Government officials had sent out pictures of damaged sectors of the grid and try to put the blackout on the shoulders of Donald Trump.  A Government official in Venezuela says the outages are one of the sole reasons that Maduro needs to go.

    Guiado and some of his representatives believe that Maduro is mis-managing the income from the country’s oil reserve.  The real reason for the third blackout has not been confirmed yet, but the plant that caused the blackout the first time controls 70 percent of the country’s power.

    The first blackout occurred on March 8th and was not totally over until five days later on the 13th.  Pretty much everywhere was dark and also most things were shut down.  The second blackout occurred on March 25th after a fire in the Guri power plant.

    The outages leave lots of places in the country without water, so the people living in that certain area are without water.  Even though the outages occurred in mostly the more poor neighborhoods they were still occurring in the more wealthy neighborhoods.



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