Are the SAT and ACT Necessary?

Are the SAT and ACT Necessary?

Maddy Mcfarlin

Every high school student knows of the time where they have to prepare for college which means having to take the ACT or SAT. We always stress about these tests because we make it seem like it will make or break our future.

So many schools base if they will accept you off of your scores, which is kind of annoying. Some people have valid reasons as to why they can not take a standardized test like these. Some people may just not be able to focus or was so stressed they just blanked. The amount of stress that these tests cause is so unnecessary.

We want to get a good score to get to go to college but some of the things on the test are things we may never even have to know.

If I am going to major in English, why would I need to know what the hypotenuse equation is? I would not so why should I have to remember something that will not even help me in the future, why should I have to take a test off of that to see what school I go into?

“I am always so stressed when it comes around the time of the SAT and ACT, I always want to get a good score so I study and study and try to prepare myself,” said junior Cassidy Baldridge.

These tests cause too much stress to determine our future. We do not need to take these to determine whether we are smart enough to go to our dream college.