Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes

Ohio Heartbeat Bill Passes

Sam Stone

Bill 258–known by many as the “Heartbeat Bill”–passed its vote in the Ohio house by a vote of 56-39. It passed in Senate by 18-13. This bill would ban abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. This can be done as early as 6 weeks. A time where a woman doesn’t even know she is pregnant.

This bill passed several times before, both times being struck down by former governor John Kasich. However, Kasich has finished his term and was replaced by Mike DeWine. DeWine has been cited before to say he would sign in the bill if brought across his desk.

Which it now will be. Both sides argued incessantly, citing medical, financial, and moral reasons.

Middletown, Ohio Representative Candice Keller described the bill as, “the most compassionate bill we ever passed.”

The Heartbeat Bill is not the first of its kind, Ohio did not originate this proposal when first attempts began in 2009.

The most recent state to pass a bill of this kind is Georgia. Then there was Mississippi and Kentucky, governors signing in their versions of this legislation weeks prior.

Ohio is accompanied by Florida, Iowa, Tennessee, and North Dakota in status of being passed whilst awaiting passage by their Governor.

Some bills that passed, such as the one in Kentucky, were challenged by judges. A District Judge called for a halt on the bill’s effect so that he could hold a hearing on the damages and constitutionality of the passed bill. That judge was David J. Hale, a Western District judge. He placed a 14-day block to “prevent irreparable harm.”

One can wonder what will happen next in Ohio. It may be signed, but will there be a legal battle on its constitutionality?