Notre Dame Cathedral Burns


Nina Zanghi

On Monday, April 15th, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris became engulfed in flames. The fire blazed on for several hours, until it was finally put out by firefighters Tuesday morning. The fire destroyed the cathedral’s iconic spire and roof, but luckily did not destroy the pair of bell towers and stone facade. Other invaluable items, including the Crown of Thorns, were saved from the fire.

The roof, which was constructed with oak wood in the 13th century, was completely destroyed by the flames. Along with the roof, the iconic spire also caught on fire and fell through the roof. Although the damage to the 850 year-old cathedral was bad, it could have been much worse.

The President of France, Emmanuel Marcon, is deeply saddened by the devastating fire, saying, “This history is ours. And it burns. It burns and I know the sadness so many of our fellow French feel.” President Marcon has vowed to rebuild the symbolic building.

No one is certain about how the fire started, but they do know that the fire began in the attic of the cathedral. They also know that this fire was accidental, and although they do not know what exactly happened, officials say that there is no evidence to support that the fire was intentional.

This tragedy could not come at a worse time, as Monday was the beginning of Holy week. A very important event for the Catholic Church as Easter is only days a way. When Annika Mintzlaff heard of the tragic fire, she said, “I am so sad to see such a beautiful building destroyed. I wish that I could have seen it in the way it was originally made 800 years ago.”