No Phones in School

No Phones in School

Rawad Khawam

Schools and colleges everywhere should start having policies on no phones during the class or lectures. Students learn nothing by having their phones out and about. Teachers and Professors also get annoyed by this action.

By students having their phones on the table their productivity drops significantly low when they study, are doing homework, and when they are in the class. They have the urge to pick up their phone and look at it every time it rings or buzzes.

They get distracted and never get off it. Senior Chris Lipscomb said, “It depends on the person and should be decided by the teacher.” They are paying the money to get that education so it is their fault if they do not learn. School is about getting an education and having the skills to be able to make it in life and provide for yourself or your family.

Even Laptops are a distraction but those can be used for notes and research on the lectures. Phones are mainly the problem because they are so accessible at all times and easily hidden.

Teachers and professors should collect the phones at the beginning of the class and return them to the student at the end of the class. If the student does not respect or break the rule then they get kicked out of the class for the day.

In my opinion personally, when I do not have my phone on me I do much better because I do not get distracted. Also when I study I do not have to constantly look at my phone for the latest notification and I do much better in my classes and  on tests.