Sri Lanka Attacks


Madeline Zingale

On Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, which is a country in South Asia, there was an attack. These attacks killed over 290 people and left hundreds more injured. Six blasts hit churches and hotels. Monday after Easter Sunday was a search and rescue, victim identification and grief and condolence expressed worldwide.

There were six suicide bombers involved in this attack and 24 other people were arrested for the connection in the attacks. The FBI and Interpol among the global agencies have stepped in on this investigation. Sources say that one of the suicide bombers were seen on Sunday wearing casual clothes and with big backpacks.

The government may have had information about this attack prior to the attack. A Sri Lanka government minister said that the US and Indian Governments had warned of “something terrible” but wasn’t sure if it had been acted on.  After finding this information out they kept the Prime Minister in the dark.

Investigation shows that two of the suicide bombers were apart of one of the wealthiest Muslim families in the capital, with connections to the countries business and political elite. Their family had no idea that the boys were planning this.

Senior Molly Roche said, “I was shocked when I heard about this. It makes me sad that this world is so inhumane, and kids/young adults can access these types of things. So many families will never be the same after losing their loved ones, and especially kids losing their parents, unable to grow up with a normal life. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be the parent of someone who could do something so horrible.”