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    Apple Is Making It Easier To Recycle Your Old Iphone


    Apple has recently found new ways for their customers to recycle their old Iphones. This has been a long-term goal for quite some time now. Multiple steps are being taking to help protect the environment from the negative impacts of it’s very own business.

    Last year the company had revealed a robot named “Daisy”, which can take 200 phones apart in a single hour. This introduces a very big advancement in technology. Customers can return qualified models to Best Buy stores in the United States or to retailer KPN in the Netherlands, and they will be taken apart by Daisy.

    There is also a way to handle the Iphones online via Apple’s Trade In Program. There is a new material recovery lab in Austin, Texas. The 9,000-square foot facility will continue to work to find new ways to recycle using robotics and machine learning. Engineers and academics will work with the lab on testing and research using giant electronic-waste recyclers. With Earth Day coming up, this educates more people on the benefits of recyclables. The world is a beautiful place and it is up to us to keep it this way.

    Sophomore Nina Bowers feels, “This is a great and healthy change for the environment. There is nothing wrong with making the world a stronger/healthier place.”

    Sophomore Muzafar Ali says, “It can be such a waste to have to keep re-making Iphones, when even the damaged ones can turn into a positive change. This can save a lot of money and end with many people in luck.


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